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"I started working with Linda about 5 months ago, and I can't thank her enough! When we began the coaching, I had a lot of changes going on, and I was feeling so lost.

"Linda helped me discover who I am and what I want out of life. She helped me to realize my own strengths and weaknesses, and helped me develop a path to get where I want to go. She has helped through many of my life's challenges, including the loss of my job, building my own business, and improving my relationships with my husband and my family.

"She is so supportive and I look forward to our calls each week. I am not sure where I would be without her!"

Gina J.

Chicago IL

"It was great to talk today. Helpful. I would not have thought about seeing the TCM practitioner otherwise... nor appreciated all the positives in the support plan I have been thinking of. Helped me reinforce my direction and take a positive step forward."

Bonnie Webster

Calgary, AB

"Thanks for the amazing session. You need to know that I had clarity after our talk. I knew what I wanted to do and what I didn't want to do. The 'didn't want to do' bit was never that clear to me. I am now running at full speed on the hats.

"You shot me out of a cannon.

"So thanks. Your approach and style are excellent."

Sharon Snitman

Toronto, ON

Linda is a master coach who guided me through several personal and professional crises to more productive solutions over a three month period. Linda has a way of centering that is unique and is calming throughout the coaching session. She was always non-judgmental and mastered the ability to validate and acknowledge aspects of my life. She frequently made me feel empowered to look beyond the more negative incidences. She has a wry sense of humor and an engaging way of saying, "So, what I hear you say is..."

"Linda is articulate, listens well, and is a no-nonsense type of coach. As a result of her outstanding candor, one is more likely to utter the truth rather than what is perceived as what Linda would want to hear. Her skill at establishing rapport is exceptional and I always felt very comfortable during our coaching sessions. Linda also excelled at allowing me to set my own agenda and hold myself accountable for my stated resolutions.

"I highly recommend Linda as a coach who is compassionate, highly skilled, insightful, and intuitive. I am sure that anyone she coaches will enjoy a more fruitful and productive life. I am a better person because she provided me with enabling tools to unlock my greatness."

Quentin Newhouse, Jr., PhD

Montreal, QC

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